Ar. Nuno Soares Keynote at AIA Japan

In an event fostered by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) branch in Japan, Ar. Nuno Soares conducted a keynote on the 27th March. Integrated in AIA Japan’s popular CES Lecture Series, the talk took place at the Arper Japan Gaien Bld. in Tokyo, with its theme being: SHAPED BY USE – Mapping, Debating and Envisioning the Customization of Urban Space.

This typological study provided a methodological tool for the analysis of the phenomena about shapes generated by use, both in Macau and other similar urban contexts, as well as a compelling starting point to speculate on how small scale individual designs can contribute to reactivate and positively customize urban space. The presentation culminated by showcasing three spatial projects presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the UABB Bi-City Biennale (Shenzhen) and most recently at the 1st Seoul Architecture and Urbanism Biennale.

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